[quagga-dev 16422] [PATCH 00/23] Quagga CapnProto API

Philippe Guibert philippe.guibert at 6wind.com
Fri Dec 2 16:02:22 GMT 2016

Hi all,

This set of patches contains adaptations to BGP daemon, to bring a new API of management, based on capnproto protocol.

The API implementation relies on capnproto protocol for data serialisation, since it is able to receive and send simple and complex data structures. The emission relies on on  an other protocol called zeroMQ, which is a fast data exchange mecanism, that is very efficient. The pairing of both technologies offers BGP, but also the whole QUAGGA framework, a fast and easy mecanism for management, without having to rely on vty.
Note that capnproto owns its own code generator. Based on a scheme file, it is able to generate code so that the application can be hidden of the internal complexity of capnproto generated code. As example, it is possible to carry in messages some structures like prefixes or ip addresses. As of today, unfortunately, there is not yet any publicly available tool that generates c code, based on the proposed scheme files available in that patch series ( qzc.capnp can with standard c-capnproto compiler, but not bgp.capnp). So currently, the code has been hardset, and the scheme file is maintained along with the generated source code. More information about capnproto and zeromq on respective web sites : http://capnproto.org and http://zeromq.org.
The API implementation does not limit to capnproto/zeromq protocol, but can host a wide variety of other RPC protocols. Contributions will be welcomed.

The BGP API implemented currently offers capabilities for configuring the main data structures that can be found on BGP: BGP start, BGP instances, BGP peers. Basically, with a capnproto interface, one can create, configure, delete the whole BGP. This API implementation relies on the BGP VRF extension used in conjonction with VPNv4 configuration. By this sentence, the intention is to use that API to dynamically provision in BGP networking information about MPLS/VXLAN tunnels. As such, it is also possible to configure VRF import processing. In addition to configuration, BGP API offers a notification entry so that the remote manager can receive notifications from BGP, when an event occured. That can be a peer that is being shutdown, or the notification that a new entry has been received. BGP API finally permits doing exploitation, since an algorithm has been put in place so as to iterate on the list of entries contained in VRF RIB tables.

Note also that a build dependency has been added on zeromq and c-capnproto. You have to force configuration in order to enable the usage of capnproto with the following: --with-ccapnproto --with-zeromq. While zeromq is usually available in many distributions ( however a recent version is needed - tested on zeromq 4.1 - ), it is not the case for ccapnproto. This library is officially maintained : https://github.com/opensourcerouting/c-capnproto.

Note also that, to apply that patch, it is necessary to have also those series of patches too:

Currently, In order to manage quagga framework by using capnproto, it is needed to have an other capnproto implementation able to communicate with the various quagga daemons, and using the same capnproto scheme files.



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