[quagga-dev 16462] incompatible libzebra.so 0.99.24 => 1.1.0

Matthias Ferdinand mf at 14v.de
Wed Dec 7 17:19:27 GMT 2016


it seems like libzebra.so in 1.1.0 (possibly also in 1.0.x, but did not
test) is incompatible with quagga daemons from 0.99.24 (as released in
Ubuntu 16.04). Perhaps the .so-number should be bumped.

Until recently(*), I could easily switch between Ubuntu-provided,
self-compiled, or pkgsrc-provided quagga-daemons, while always using
/usr/bin/vtysh (from Ubuntu repos) for cronjobs.

I just experimented with ospf6d from self-compiled (prefix=/usr/local)
quagga 1.1.0 on an Ubuntu 16.04, while quagga 0.99.24 from Ubuntu repos
had the zebra and ospfd daemons running.

The new ospf6d could not be started from the build directory:
  ./ospf6d/.libs/ospf6d: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libzebra.so.0: undefined symbol: master

After installing ./lib/.libs/libzebra.so.0.0.0 to /usr/local/lib/, the
new ospf6d would start.

But then /usr/bin/vtysh (0.99.24) would also pick up the newer libzebra,
and fail to start, leading to some wreckage with our cronjobs.

Matthias Ferdinand

(*) which does not include versions past 0.99.24, so perhaps more like
"until about a year ago"

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