[quagga-dev 16474] Re: RIPD refuses to accept default route with non-zero netmask

Michael H Lambert lambert at psc.edu
Thu Dec 22 21:38:52 GMT 2016

> On 22 Dec 2016, at 11:38, Jim C. <jim at carroll.com> wrote:
> Trying to understand a design decision in RIPD.  I originally reported this as a bug on quagga-users (https://lists.quagga.net/pipermail/quagga-users/2016-December/014604.html).
> <snip>
> This code is preventing us distributing the route through RIP and retaining it’s netmask. Would someone mind shedding some light on this code & why the restriction exists?
> FYI: Our motivation for distributing is to cause LAN hosts to prefer one ISP over another. If the preferred ISP goes down, a script we’ve written will remove the static route (and remove it’s companion route, which causes the LAN to use the backup ISP.

This use case makes sense to me.  However, quoting RFC 2453, "The special address is used to describe a default route."  It makes no reference to an associated netmask.


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