[quagga-dev 15852] Re: Time for an experiment? (Was: focus: patchwork drain vs project updates)

Lou Berger lberger at labn.net
Tue Jul 5 16:24:38 BST 2016

On 7/5/2016 8:42 AM, Vincent JARDIN wrote:
> Le 05/07/2016 12:11, Lou Berger a écrit :
>> If there are not roundskeepers  interested in trying this what's the harm?
> we'll unfocus and we'll never close the current effort.
right - which is the same point I was implicitly making WRT the process

Most of us are sitting on the sidelines at the moment in a holding
pattern, it seems a waste to have had all this discussion and interest
and have nothing come of it.

If no one else is interested in trying out the new process, then this
itself is good information too. (but I also do think we need to allow
time for folks to consider this too.) 


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