[quagga-dev 15868] Re: Someone rebased volatile/patch-tracking/8/proposed/ff branch

Martin Winter mwinter at opensourcerouting.org
Wed Jul 6 23:31:57 BST 2016

This time you managed to break the Github mirror. My update scripts 
detect the savannah as the newer and try to push to github, but the 
github git
doesn’t accept it.

Not sure yet what went wrong, but the mirroring between the git’s is 
turned off until I can figure out a way to fix this.
(which is preferably not a delete and fresh mirror on github)

- Martin

quaggamirror at git-us:~/mirrors/q-savannah.git$ git push --mirror
Counting objects: 1029, done.
Delta compression using up to 2 threads.
Compressing objects: 100% (282/282), done.
Writing objects: 100% (1029/1029), 344.32 KiB | 0 bytes/s, done.
Total 1029 (delta 860), reused 897 (delta 747)
To git at github.com:Quagga/quagga.git
  ! [remote rejected] volatile/patch-tracking/8/proposed/ff -> 
volatile/patch-tracking/8/proposed/ff (failed)
  ! [remote rejected] volatile/patch-tracking/8/proposed/pushback 
  ! [remote rejected] volatile/patch-tracking/8/proposed/nits/a -> 
volatile/patch-tracking/8/proposed/nits/a (failed)
  ! [remote rejected] volatile/patch-tracking/8/proposed/nits/b -> 
volatile/patch-tracking/8/proposed/nits/b (failed)
  ! [remote rejected] volatile/patch-tracking/8/proposed/pushback/a -> 
volatile/patch-tracking/8/proposed/pushback/a (cannot lock ref 
'refs/heads/volatile/patch-tracking/8/proposed/pushback' exists; cannot 
create 'refs/heads/volatile/patch-tracking/8/proposed/pushback/a')
  ! [remote rejected] volatile/patch-tracking/8/proposed/pushback/b -> 
volatile/patch-tracking/8/proposed/pushback/b (failed)
error: failed to push some refs to 'git at github.com:Quagga/quagga.git'

On 6 Jul 2016, at 7:27, Paul Jakma wrote:

> On Wed, 6 Jul 2016, Paul Jakma wrote:
>> Sigh, I screwed something up. I'll have to reset those heads again, 
>> sorry.
> Ah, 'ff' did stay stable. {nits,pushback}/b updated.
> Thanks to Jim Carlson for catching my dumb mistake in replacing 
> "(A.B.C.D|X:X::X:X)" with a define.
> regards,
> -- 
> Paul Jakma | paul at jakma.org | @pjakma | Key ID: 0xD86BF79464A2FF6A
> Fortune:
> In the future, you're going to get computers as prizes in breakfast 
> cereals.
> You'll throw them out because your house will be littered with them.

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