[quagga-dev 15871] Re: Someone rebased volatile/patch-tracking/8/proposed/ff branch

Paul Jakma paul at jakma.org
Thu Jul 7 09:24:34 BST 2016

On Wed, 6 Jul 2016, Martin Winter wrote:

> This time you managed to break the Github mirror. My update scripts 
> correctly detect the savannah as the newer and try to push to github, 
> but the github git doesn’t accept it.

The volatile/... ref updates are not fast-forwards and I guess Github 
disallows non-ff merges/updates (Savannah does too). On Savannah, you 
have to explicitly delete the ref first and push it again. You do that 
by specifying an empty ref as the source in the <local source>:<remote 
dst> ref specifier.

I.e. to delete:

git push <remote name> :refs/heads/volatile/etc/etc/rebased_ref

E.g., if I want to update a volatile staging ref on Savannah, and I've 
rebased it I have to do:


git push <remote> :refs/heads/refs/heads/volatile/patch-tracking/8/$REF
git push <remote> $REF:refs/heads/refs/heads/volatile/patch-tracking/8/$REF

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