[quagga-dev 15720] Re: Quagga project governance

Lou Berger lberger at labn.net
Fri Jun 24 16:15:02 BST 2016


On 6/24/2016 10:51 AM, Paul Jakma wrote:
> On Fri, 24 Jun 2016, Lou Berger wrote:
>> I think this goes to the root of the recent discussions:
> Oh, and while that might go to the root of some discussion, what caused 
> those discussions?

I can only speak to what's motivated my participation in this
discussion. I think the root issues I'd like to see addressed are:
1.  no ability to predict when the next release with *any* fixes will be
2.  lack of an active (rolling) development/integration master branch
3.  lack of visibility and transparency in the integration and release

I probably wouldn't have cared enough to speak up on 3 if 1 and 2
weren't issues.

I think there a slew of other issues that stem from / will be solved by
addressing the above , e.g., duplicate patches,  painful/repeated
rebases, and late discovery of issues.


> regards,

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