[quagga-dev 15753] Re: Quagga project governance

Lou Berger lberger at labn.net
Tue Jun 28 13:23:09 BST 2016


So you'll discuss details once proposed as a patch to HACKING.md?
Doesn't sound like the right place for some of this, but sure -
shouldn't be hard to merge as there's not much overlap.  In fact, I just
did the merge (in
by dropping HACKING.md at the start.

It probably makes sense to ensure the new pieces are largely agreed to
before submitting as patch (by Donald?) as well as formatted
consistently with HACKING.md.

	Does this work for you?  Where do we stand with resolving comments and
getting general agreement on the Maintainers doc?


On June 28, 2016 6:54:44 AM Paul Jakma <paul at jakma.org> wrote:

> On Tue, 28 Jun 2016, Lou Berger wrote:
>> Being unwilling to directly comment on, or contribute to a community
>> developed document seems a bit unreasonable to me.
> One existed. Written by a number of people over the years. It's not
> perfect, but what is?
> It starts with:
> "This is a living document. Suggestions for updates, via the
>    [quagga-dev list].., are welcome."
> Ignoring that and starting from scratch of itself I took to be sending a
> message, to an extent.
> If you want evolve, evolve things.
> regards,
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