[quagga-dev 14969] Re: Port of the OpenBSD's ldpd(8) daemon

Renato Westphal renato at opensourcerouting.org
Thu Mar 31 17:38:05 BST 2016


Well, I'm going to the next week's IETF. But yes, it would be nice to
set up some kind of e-meeting so everyone who's interested in this
topic can participate.


Yes, I'm aware of James' LDP implementation, but I don't see how that
can help now. zebra changed a lot in the past years, and now we have a
different MPLS stack in the Linux kernel (with a different API).

Vivek, from Cumulus, has already implemented basic MPLS support in
zebra. Once he releases his tree, I'll try to port ldpd on top of
that, doing the necessary adjustments.

Renato Westphal

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