[quagga-dev 15332] Re: Better APIs for Quagga (JSON PubSub & ReST), OVSDB & OpenSwitch

Olivier Dugeon olivier.dugeon at orange.com
Thu May 19 17:06:02 BST 2016

Hello Paul,

Thanks for the information. This sounds a very promising approach to build a virtualized Router. I will look carefully at the x86 version to determine which features are already available.

Le 18/05/2016 14:52, Lou Berger a écrit :

> I was really excited to start using this as soon as it was announced,
> but I needed v6 and RIP (don't throw anything please) and neither are
> supported.  

Like Lou suggest, it miss some important protocol for us. If I could complete the ToDo list, as an operator, we mostly work with IS-IS instead of OSPF. So, is there plan to also port IS-IS ? if no, how is the complexity ?

> This all said, given that this is a conditionally compiled feature it
> shouldn't break normal, non-ovsdb usage, or brake other new features
> that have been raised over the last few years (the ones I care about are

From what I understand, the OVSDB role in the architecture, is more or less what I 'm looking for to exchange TE information between different protocol, in particular to learn TE LSA/LSP from OSPF/IS-IS by the bgpd daemon to implement BGP-LS (BGP Link State).

Do you think it is feasible in this version or need strong modification in OVSDB to support TE parameters ? ARE TE parameters already identified ? eventually as opaque storage where I could just save a bulk of byte and have the possibility to read them afterwards.



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