[quagga-dev 16266] [PATCH v1 00/10] VRF Import Processing + VRF Multipath

Philippe Guibert philippe.guibert at 6wind.com
Wed Oct 12 13:49:39 BST 2016

This series of patch is the following of VRF and VRF RIB tables
introduction in BGP.
It enhances the import processing algorithm: it reuses the export route
target extended community, as well as the local import route target
configured per VRF, to append/remove NLRI entries from VPNv4 into VRF
RIB entries.
The received NLRI entries are stored in VRF RIB entries, then BGP best
selection algorithm applies to select the best path.
This patch also includes a new vty command to set the multipath per VRF.
This makes then the selection algorithm more robust.
All those multipath and selected entries are notified in a log

This series of patch should be used in conjunction with the following 5 patches.

[quagga-dev,16244,v4,1/3] lib: 3byte stream foo
[quagga-dev,16247,v4,2/3] bgpd: multiple label stack support
[quagga-dev,16246,v4,3/3] tests: enhance bgpd testing with label value

[quagga-dev,16249,v2,1/2] bgpd: VRF vty configuration, RIB table creation
[quagga-dev,16250,v2,2/2] bgpd: vpnv4 af exports extended communities

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