[quagga-dev 16285] CI Testresult: FAILED (Re: [quagga-dev, 16282, v2, 10/10] bgpd: avoid looping when unselecting a list of mpath entries)

cisystem at netdef.org cisystem at netdef.org
Wed Oct 12 20:40:17 BST 2016

Continous Integration Result: FAILED

See below for issues.
This is an EXPERIMENTAL automated CI system.
For questions and feedback, feel free to email
Martin Winter <mwinter at opensourcerouting.org>.

Patches applied :
  Patchwork 2125: http://patchwork.quagga.net/patch/2125
       [quagga-dev,16276,v2,01/10] tests: fix BGP VRF interactions
  Patchwork 2126: http://patchwork.quagga.net/patch/2126
       [quagga-dev,16276,v2,02/10] bgpd: BGP VRF processing handling
  Patchwork 2127: http://patchwork.quagga.net/patch/2127
       [quagga-dev,16277,v2,03/10] bgpd: detect if bgp_info is multipath entry
  Patchwork 2128: http://patchwork.quagga.net/patch/2128
       [quagga-dev,16278,v2,04/10] bgpd: VRF import processing
  Patchwork 2129: http://patchwork.quagga.net/patch/2129
       [quagga-dev,16279,v2,05/10] bgpd: VRF RIB log updates enhancement
  Patchwork 2130: http://patchwork.quagga.net/patch/2130
       [quagga-dev,16280,v2,06/10] bgpd: vty command for vrf maximum path configuration
  Patchwork 2131: http://patchwork.quagga.net/patch/2131
       [quagga-dev,16279,v2,07/10] bgpd: factorise mpath debug routine
  Patchwork 2133: http://patchwork.quagga.net/patch/2133
       [quagga-dev,16280,v2,08/10] bgpd: apply multipath algorithm to VRF
  Patchwork 2132: http://patchwork.quagga.net/patch/2132
       [quagga-dev,16281,v2,09/10] bgpd: sanity check against accessing invalid table pointer.
  Patchwork 2134: http://patchwork.quagga.net/patch/2134
       [quagga-dev,16282,v2,10/10] bgpd: avoid looping when unselecting a list of mpath entries
Tested on top of Git : 68bfb61 (as of 20161007.095315 UTC)
CI System Testrun URL: https://ci1.netdef.org/browse/QUAGGA-QPWORK-372/

Get source and apply patch from patchwork: Failed
> Applying Patchwork patch 2125
> ------------------------------------
> Git Patch: Using "git apply" for patch 2125
> Applying Patchwork patch 2126
> ------------------------------------
> Git Patch: Using "git apply" for patch 2126
> error: patch failed: bgpd/bgp_route.c:1833
> error: bgpd/bgp_route.c: patch does not apply
> error: patch failed: bgpd/bgp_route.h:280
> error: bgpd/bgp_route.h: patch does not apply

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For questions in regards to this CI System, contact Martin Winter, mwinter at netdef.org

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