[quagga-dev 16642] Quagga, past, present and future

Paul Jakma paul at jakma.org
Wed Aug 16 07:14:01 BST 2017


Quagga started, forking from GNU Zebra, from a need I had as a network 
operator to gain some independence from commercial networking vendors 
(large and small) who did not have my interests at heart. Free software 
exists to give users' a say in the software they depend on. Quagga, 
along with the excellent BIRD and OpenBGPd/OpenOSPFd projects, has 
helped to further operators' interests over the years, I hope, as a 
vendor neutral project.

Balaji Gurudoss is currently maintaining Quagga, along with Timo Teras, 
who focuses on nhrpd.

They could use your help.

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