[quagga-dev 16647] Re: [quagga-users 14754] PBR(policy based routing in quagga)

Tom Samplonius tom at samplonius.org
Tue Aug 22 05:35:39 BST 2017

> Could you please let me know PBR (Policy Based Routing) functionality support is present in Quagga for both Static routes and Dynamic routing cases or not.

  Quagga is mostly a routing protocol implementation.  So you can apply policies to route distribution and acceptance within the limits of each protocol.

  Quagga does not do forwarding.  So if you want to make a forwarding decision based on any criteria besides the destination route, that is an forwarding plane (kernel, OS) issue.  The route table is used for destination based forwarding.

> I am able to see the configuration option to configure the route-map config, but the next hop was not modified.
> Below is my config for static case, Please correct me if I missed any config.
> Before applying the PBR config, route table info
> K>* <> via,vmmgmt
> K>* <> via, enp2s0f3
> C>* <> is directly connected, enp2s0f3
> C>* <> is directly connected, enp2s0f1
> C>* <> is directly connected, vmmgmt
> S>* <> [1/0] via, enp2s0f3
> S>* <> [1/0] via, enp2s0f1
> Tried configuring  PBR below two ways
> Using access list
> access-list anki permit <>
> !
> route-map qwe permit 5
>  match ip address anki
>  set ip next-hop
> Directly applying matching ip
> route-map aaa permit 2
>  match ip address <>
>  set ip next-hop

  I would not call this policy based routing.  It appears that you are trying to set a different next hop for a specific destination prefix.  In other words, a static route.

> Thanks,
> Anki

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