[quagga-dev 16652] Re: Regarding multi hop BFD support in Quagga

Michael H Lambert lambert at psc.edu
Tue Aug 22 13:44:18 BST 2017

> On 22 Aug 2017, at 05:58, ankaiah.nallamekala at wipro.com wrote:
> Could you please let me know whether quagga supports multi-hop BFD feature or not.

Since this was sent to the developers' list, I'm going to reply as I am without apology.  What version of quagga are you investigating?  And have you found the string "bfd" (with a case-insensitive search) in the source code (ignoring what looks to be an obvious reference to the GNU binary file descriptor)?  My opinion:  Please do your homework before posting to quagga-dev.


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