[quagga-dev 16685] [PATCH] Fix bgpd NH validation for directly connected peers

Mathieu Jadin mathjadin at gmail.com
Thu Dec 14 16:53:53 GMT 2017


Since quagga-1.2.0, the Next Hop validation for directly connected peers 
using IPv6 does not work.
In this setup, BGP updates contain two next hops: a global IPv6 address 
and a link-local IPv6 address (a correct behavior according to RFC 2545).
This means that the length of the next hop attribute is 32 and not 16.

The problem comes from the function "make_prefix()" in "bgpd/bgp_nht.c".
It refuses to build a prefix structure for a route when the length of 
the next hop attribute is different from 16, even if a valid global IPv6 
address is available.
The route is mistakenly considered invalid and thus, it is not installed 
in the routing table.

Therefore, I propose the attached patch to fix this issue.
This should solve Bug-946 
<https://bugzilla.quagga.net/show_bug.cgi?id=946> and the message 
[quagga-users 14883] 


Details: "make_prefix()" was not modified in quagga-1.2.0 but its 
interpretation was changed in commit 
Before this commit, the failure of "make_prefix()" was interpreted as a 
successful validation of the next hop.
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