[quagga-dev 16680] Re: bgpd: fix file descriptor leaks in vty_close

Paul Jakma paul at jakma.org
Mon Nov 27 22:54:02 GMT 2017

On Fri, 24 Nov 2017, Evgeny Uskov wrote:

> Dear Quagga Developers,
> We found a bug in bgpd which causes file descriptor leaks each time
> when configuration is updated and then saved on disk. The reason is
> that output file descriptor vty->wfd is not closed in vty_close
> function.
> This bug is very easy to reproduce. You need to
> 1) check a number of opened FDs (using lsof or /proc/<pid>/fd)
> 2) perform any update to the configuration
> 3) execute "write" command in "configure terminal"
> 4) check a number of opened FDs again
> You can find a sample script (check.sh) in attachment that automates
> the steps above. An example of its output:
> % sudo sh check.sh $(pgrep -f ./bgpd/.libs/bgpd) localhost 2605
> <telnet password>
> Open FDs: 10
> altering config...
> Open FDs: 11
> altering config 10 times...
> Open FDs: 21
> A simple patch that fixes the problem above is also attached.

+1 from me.

Could the script be made a unit test?

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