[quagga-dev 16665] [PATCH] Fix malformed AS_SEQUENCE segments for long as path

Eugene Bogomazov eb at qrator.net
Fri Oct 13 15:09:28 BST 2017


At the end of September we observed update from 262197 ASN with very large
prepend (563) of origin ASN.
It caused 2 problems. First of all, it wasn't properly counting AS_PATH
length in octets, thereby forcing
bgp neighbor speaker send NOTIFICATION and broke the session. Secondly, all
AS_SEQUENCE from second to
penultimate in AS_PATH were wrong due to forgetten offset.

First part of problem, that caused continious session flaps, was fixed with
latest Quagga release (1.2.2). However,
the encoded AS_PATH attribute is still malformed. So, we attach a patch to
fix this problem.
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