[quagga-dev 16710] Quagga and resources and community structures

Paul Jakma paul at jakma.org
Mon Feb 26 22:16:02 GMT 2018


Something that (somewhat selfishly of course) I'm interested in is 
seeing if there is any interest in providing resources to help 
development of Quagga. Related to that, if there were, there'd need to 
be some kind of community structures in place to fairly and responsibly 
allocate any resources arising.

E.g., it could be an idea to setup something on Patreon or on 
Salt.bountysource.com (or wherever) to allow anyone who is appreciative 
of the work done on Quagga to help provide funding to enable more work 
to be done. Perhaps other ways of providing resources are possible too.

If it turned out there were people or organisations willing to fund, 
that would then lead to the question:

   How to properly disburse any funds arising?

I think this would need some kind of community oversight board, with a 
broad representation. It would need some kind of "lock" to ensure that 
no specific sub-community could dominate over the interests of another. 
The interests of the vendors need to be balanced with and against the 
interests of users/operators and against the interests of independent 
developers (BIRD has an element of this, via how the oversight of CZ.NIC 
is structured). Additionally, transparency would be a strong 

A possibility here would be a non-profit (but /no/ special tax status) 
organisation, in a low-overhead jurisdiction (e.g. UK) - a non-profit, 
non-trading, guaranteed company, or a CIC, or somesuch. With a few 
officers to handle regulatory responsibilities, and all further 
responsibilities delegated to a community board. The assets of Quagga 
could be assigned to such an entity.

This has been discussed over the years with maintainers, and enquiries 
made with free software "fiscal stewards", as well as with people active 
in the non-profit, member-owned IX community. However, never gone 
anywhere to date.

If this seems something to pursue, please discuss here, or contact me 

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