[quagga-dev 16700] Re: nongnu.org is down, see https://gogs.quagga.net/Quagga instead

Paul Jakma paul at jakma.org
Sat Jan 27 21:31:23 GMT 2018

On Sat, 27 Jan 2018, Ozgur wrote:

> I didn't understand why non-gnu was down but thanks for the info.

Something went wrong with the part of it that serves up our WWW pages. 
Savannah seemed fine.

Didn't have too long to look into it.

> Why don't use to github?

- Private repos are an absolute must for Quagga, not having them makes
   things painful. (Savannah is deficient there too, hopefully FSF will
   offer Gogs or something similar on nongnu.org at some point)

   Note: anyone is welcome to use https://gogs.quagga.net for Quagga
   related, public or private repos.

   (Though, obviously, private repos are not private to any Quagga

- Also, been around the block enough times to not care for putting
   project critical data into the hands of people who have no obligation
   to me. Corporates come and go...

I could pay GitHub to get the former and feel more comfortable on the 
later, but GitHub are quite expensive compared to gogs + the hosting I 
have to pay for anyway for some other core stuff.

I'd sooner pay Gogs (or similar), to ensure the continuity of a nice, 
very easily self-hostable, free sofware Git forge, than GitHub though 
(sorry GitHub).

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