[quagga-dev 16702] Re: nongnu.org is down, see https://gogs.quagga.net/Quagga instead

Paul Jakma paul at jakma.org
Sun Jan 28 20:16:21 GMT 2018

On Sun, 28 Jan 2018, Balaji Gurudoss wrote:

> Gogs should be fine but we do have to upload/move/update the other
> information (Docs etc) to Gogs so that its complete

Probably. I've git cvsimport'ed the Savannah/nongnu site into a 
quagga-www repo on gogs (which you should be able to access, or give 
yourself access to otherwise), which hopefully should auto-update the 
pages under:


I have redir from www.quagga.net to that at the moment, I'll 
change that to a reverse proxy at some point.

Many people will still be getting the nongnu site, as www previously did 
a perm redirect to it. So, I'll keep the CVS for nongnu and quagga-www 
on gogs synced for the moment.

There's a wiki in Gogs, so I've updated the sidebar wiki URI.

If anyone knows of a modern, nice, minimalist, easy to use framework for 
static sites that'd be suitable for this site, let me know. Or if 
someone wants to do that work, even better.

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