[quagga-dev 16711] IP Prefix-lists "ge" value

Siva Kesava sivakesava1 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 20:58:05 GMT 2018

The documentation specifies that in an IP-Prefix List "The prefix list will
be applied if the prefix length is greater than or equal to the ge prefix

For reference:

But in practice, the following command :

ip prefix-list 101 seq 5 permit ge 24 le 24

gives an error:

Invalid prefix range for, make sure: len < ge-value <= le-value.

I believe that the condition has to be len <= ge-value <= le-value as per
the documentation.

This difference is found in the lib/plist.c file in
"vty_prefix_list_install" function probably in line 754(quagga 1.2.4

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