[quagga-dev 16718] Fwd: Adding a batch to quagga- Help

shahrooz shahrooz at cs.umass.edu
Thu Mar 15 18:54:29 GMT 2018


I am Shahrooz, a PhD student at UMass, Amherst. For one of my research 
projects working with quagga, I need to use one of the published batch 
for quagga. I am going to add this 
batch()https://patchwork.diac24.net/patch/1645/ to quagga source code.

Can you please let me know how can I add this batch to quagga? I mean 
which version should I use for quagga? Do I need to add the batch 
command line by line to quagga source code or is there is another easy 
way to do that?

Thank you for your consideration.


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