[quagga-dev 16759] Quagga 124 and multiple listen addresses

carbo at inrete.it carbo at inrete.it
Tue Jun 18 13:00:34 BST 2019

Hi to all,
have you already planned in the next release to implement support for multiple listen addresses.

At the moment the -l option supports a single address. So the option are to bind all or one single address.

bgpd_options=" --daemon -A -f /etc/quagga-124/bgpd.confÓ  <<<ÑÑÑBind on all addresses

bgpd_options=" --daemon -A -l  -f /etc/quagga-124/bgpd.confÓ  <<<ÑÑÑBind on only

We need to have at least two addresses in listen


Thank you
Best regards

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