[quagga-users 1164] Re: AW: Re: Measuring max. packet forwarding speed

Ryan Earl heretic at clanhk.org
Mon Dec 22 10:24:37 GMT 2003

On Monday 22 December 2003 11:06 am, John van Oppen (list account) wrote:
> The 30 mbit/sec was on the e100 driver, on etherexpress pro/100 cards
> (onboard on intel ISP 1100 servers).  (from a customer with several very
> fast infected boxes on 100 mbit/sec Ethernet)

I'm curious, have you tried any of the Broadcom stuff?  I used the Intel
for a couple years, but have moved over to the bcm5700 series--using
Broadcom's driver.  This hardware just compared better to the e1000 when I
benched on it--800Mbit/s versus 600 Mbit/s.  I actually still use the e100
stuff for fail-over, but after comparing the e1000 to the bcm5700 I went with
Broadcom.  I haven't needed VLAN, but they claim support.

I glanced through the tg3 and bcm5700 (official broadcom driver) sources, and
Broadcom's driver is much more capable.  It really leverages the hardware
better.  However, don't count on it for IPv6.  The microcode for the onboard
RISC processors only consider IPv4 headers when doing checksums and other IP


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