[quagga-users 857] Re: Getting quagga BGPd to actually honor update-source.

Michael Loftis mloftis at wgops.com
Wed Nov 12 12:41:05 GMT 2003

The address used is left up to the kernel.  IE whichever it routes the 
connection out of (just like a normal locally originated say telnet 
command).  Quagga never binds it to a specific IP.

I can't send a full copy of the bgpd.conf, nor the ifconfig.  I can send 
relevant portions though with missing octet.

Thought I must apologize I did find an ID10T error, the remote side had a 
typo.  After they fixed the typo I have a session up now.  The thing was 
for a while there indeed establishing a session with the wrong addres.  I'm 
guessing that instead of just NOT trying or logging an error when the 
address isn't up that zebra/quagga silently try to continue?

I'm thinking that's what happened because I also moved the address to the 
lo interface.

--On Wednesday, November 12, 2003 14:32 -0500 Mike Tancsa <mike at sentex.net> 

> Can you provide
> ifconfig -a
> and a copy of your bgpd.conf
> to the list ?
> As well, while the bgp session tries to get established, please let the
> list know what source address the packets are leaving on. i.e. what is it
> actually doing.  The update-source directive should work (it does for me
> anyways)
>          ---Mike

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