[quagga-users 3316] Re: GNU Zebra bgpd merge

Zharovtsev, Anton warm at stack.ru
Thu Dec 2 13:32:13 GMT 2004


I have applied this patches on CVS tar.gz archieve and compilation was
without critical errors.
Now I can see  match ip route-source, but when I try to apply such route
map into router rip it does not work.
After writing configs I so that route map was saved in the bgpd.conf but
in the ripd.conf there no
This match rule :-(. I used vtysh to configure router rip.

Ofcourse You have wroute that this is new feature for BGP ... But RIP
routes also have route-sources - ip addresses from where
they comming.

I am interested in one of this new features (match ip route-source) but
I don't use bgpd for now. I have tested feature only.
Bgpd is running for testing only on my machine.

Here are the parts of configs after write command:


route-map TRUST-RIP permit 10
route-map TRUST-RIP deny 20


route-map TRUST-RIP permit 10
 match ip route-source trust-RIP
 set local-preference 120
route-map TRUST-RIP deny 20

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Thanks to Akihiro Mizutani GNU Zebra has some new bgpd features I plan
to merge to the Quagga. Ready to commit patches against current CVS are
in http://hasso.linux.ee/quagga/bgpd-merge/. These are INCREMETNTAL
patches - ie. you have to apply #01 at first, then #02 etc.

PLEASE, anybody who's interested in bgpd and these new features, test
these patches and report any regressions/bugs to the list or directly to

New features:
1) Graceful restart support.
2) Restart session after maximum-prefix limit support.
3) Remove support for old mp draft - ie. remove support for version 4-.
4) "enforce-first-as" is default now.
5) New route-map command - "match ip route-source".

Hasso Tepper
Elion Enterprises Ltd.
WAN administrator
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