[quagga-users 3325] Re: OSPF doubt

Mauricio Prates mauricio_prates at sicredi.com.br
Fri Dec 3 08:43:06 GMT 2004

	Paul, I did the test yesterday, took off the line "distribute list..." 
and happen exactly what I thought, the OSPF deamon distribute all 
connected routes, in my situation three routes, and with the ACL it 
distribute only one.

	Any other idea ??


Paul Jakma wrote:
> On Thu, 2 Dec 2004, Mauricio Prates wrote:
>>     I can't use RIP because the time to convergence is too high and it 
>> use more bandwith (I did the test in my laboratory).
>> In each router client I have a leased line of 19.200k as primary and 
>> another satelital line as secondary. What my concentrator router do is 
>> distribute default gateway by leased line (cost 10) and if this one 
>> goes down it distribute default gateway by satelital line (cost 20).
> Well, dont redistribute stuff on the clients into OSPF then.
>>     Thanks anyway ...
> regards,


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