[quagga-users 3364] Re: BGP traffic policy question

Jeff S Wheeler jsw at jsw.louisville.ky.us
Thu Dec 9 09:43:47 GMT 2004

On Thu, 2004-12-09 at 09:19, Kresimir Sparavec wrote:
> Ideally, one would be able to specify say 75% to ISP1, 25% to ISP2.
> Incoming traffic may stay as it is. Any idea will be appreciated.
You'll have to develop your own policy based on the information made
available to you by your transit providers in BGP NLRI.  You may find
that traffic does roughly what you want in a default configuration where
as-path length makes many decisions; or you might choose to tweak your
local-preference based on received communities, as-paths, etc.  It
depends on who your transit providers are, where you connect to them,
and what traffic balance you desire.

Jeff S Wheeler <jsw at jsw.louisville.ky.us>

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