[quagga-users 3277] Re: BGP Route Fail Over Timers

Gregory G Carter gcarter at aesgi.com
Wed Nov 24 14:23:57 GMT 2004

Gregory G Carter wrote:

> Aha!
> Thank you so much...now I don't have to rebuild the bgp daemon every 
> time to set the values.
> :-)
> Although, looking at the vty command structures, I just figured this 
> out when the Email arrived!
> -gc
> John Fraizer wrote:
>> On Wed, 24 Nov 2004, Gregory G Carter wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> Right now, I see it is set to 180/90.  I would like to reduce the 
>>> time for bgp to determine if a path is bad or not.
>>>  I have logged into both ports, for the configuration terminal for 
>>> Zebra as well as the bgp process and cannot seem to find any sort of 
>>> timer or keepalive or holdtime references in the command listings.
>>>  Is this possible to adjust on the command line?  I have the source 
>>> code and have been thinking about modifying the defaults since I 
>>> cannot determine where you set these parameters.
>>> -gc
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>> Border1-BGP(config-router)# neighbor timers ?
>>  connect    BGP connect timer
>>  <0-65535>  Keepalive interval
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I would also like to add in the list with regards to these settings, 
that you have to have an existing ASN running and defined before you can 
gain access to those values/commands.  I assumed, you could set them 
without an attached BGP process, and that appears not to be the case.

So in effect to clarify although what you sent is correct, you cannot 
get to that command unless you first typed:

Border1-BGP(config)# router bgp <already defined asn>

The and only then do you get the prompt:


 From which of course you can modify these settings.

The documentation is not clear about that.  Further more I think the 
list command is generally misleading a person to conclude "thats all the 
commands there are".  I guess many people are fond of the Cisco command 
line interface but I find unless you know what to type, the ? really 
doesn't help much.

It would be nice if the ? printed a TREE prequisite structure so you can 
see what you are missing, or of course we just need better documentation 
about what options are available in what command states and what is 
required to get there from ROOT or just (config).

It may also be helpful to do a complete dump of a running config example 
file with all commands in place.

A final comment, it would appear this command line interface is 
patented, I wonder how Cisco feels about you guys using the vty or using 
Cisco compatibility mode?

Have they ever made a fuss?


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