[quagga-users 5606] Re: Ospfd 0.98.5 crashes for me

Andrew J. Schorr aschorr at telemetry-investments.com
Tue Oct 11 10:02:52 IST 2005

Hi Mike,

If ospfd is crashing, it should attempt to log a backtrace.
Did you check the logfile for a backtrace?

How do you have the logging configured?  This is easy to
learn by telnet ospfd and running the command "show logging".
If no file logging is configured, it should log to
/var/tmp/quagga.ospf.crashlog, or something like that.
Otherwise, the backtrace should be in the standard log file.

Also, I'm not sure how you built your packages, but it helps
to configure with the --enable-gcc-rdynamic flag in order
to get a useful backtrace.

If you can supply some info on how/where it's crashing, it
may be possible to provide some help.

Also, you may want to look into using watchquagga to perform
automatic daemon restarts.  This is not a great solution,
of course, but it can get your routers back up and running
within 15 seconds or so, depending on how you configure
the timing parameters.


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