[quagga-users 5638] Re[2]: Re: Re[2]: Re: next ospfd crash

stas at wwwcom.ru stas at wwwcom.ru
Mon Oct 17 13:20:15 IST 2005

Hello Paul, Milan.

You wrote (Friday, October 14, 2005) :
PJ> Sorry, it was another silly mistake. Please try again (updated patch
PJ> at same URL).

PJ> Hopefully that's it - I'm trying to figure out how I can setup my 
PJ> test network to have a vertex with multiple parents, but until then I
PJ> can't test that aspect of this patch and depend on yourselves to do
PJ> so, sorry. ;)

Now ospfd works without crash.
I can see all routes, full LSDB. All path costs looks correctly.
I'm happy!
Thank You very much for Your patchs (RTM_CHANGE and this ).

Best regards,
Stanislav G. Ryabukhin.
Electronic Shield Ltd.
stas at wwwcom.ru.

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