[quagga-users 5646] OT again, but still interesting

Ralf Guenthner r.guenthner at iq-work.de
Mon Oct 17 19:09:15 IST 2005

Dear list members

Is it a valid assumption that if you have a 10 MBit/s link between two 
locations and you start a file transfer from one of those locations to 
the other that the consumed bandwidth of this file transfer should be 10 
MBit/s or at least close to that value? In other words: Shouldn't the 
file transfer grab as much bandwidth as it can?

Using MRTG on both Linux routers the max. value I get is around 4 
MBit/s. We're totally baffled by this since the provider says the link 
is performing as it should and there are no significant packet losses or 
fragmentation occuring anymore (unlike a few weeks ago, when I posted 
here first).

Someone told me that it's impossible to saturate a link of any given 
bandwidth because of protocol overhead, intermediate links taking a bite 
out of the speed asf. Is that true?

A statement by one of the experts here would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance
Best regards
Ralf Guenthner

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