[quagga-users 5682] OSPF not running on FreeBSD 5.4

Nik nikruzhan at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 23:08:03 IST 2005

Hi all,

I've succesfully installing quagga on two freebsd box that one was act as a
core router and the other one as distribution router.FYI, core got 2 NIC's
which is one is connecting to the gateway and one is connect(cross) to
distribution router. Distribution got 5 NIC's. I've enable ip forwarding in
sysctl.conf, enable gateway in rc.conf and the result is I can ping to all
interfaces from distribution to core and also from core to distribution.
When I type netstat -nr, it's show me the right routing table of what I

To get this routing working, I used 'route add -net' otherwise both FreeBSD
router can't reach each others. If this happen could it be that ospfd not
working since I have to route all connection manually. After the routing
seem ok, then I try from core to ping outside (internet) and it's can ping
but distribution can't ping to the outside, it's only can ping to core's
NIC(one that connect to gateway) only. After that, I try to traceroute from
distribution to core router. Of course it's only can reach to the interface
that cross to it and can't find the other one interface that connect to the
internet. I've checked in log file and it's show me nothing just only ospfd
is running with pid 765.

I've ask my friend and he told me probably the ospfd was not running that's
why I have to do the static route for my self. The configuration is already
fulfill my need and it's suppose to be working.

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