[quagga-users 5688] Re: OSPF and PPP interfaces

Andrew J. Schorr aschorr at telemetry-investments.com
Thu Oct 20 13:23:55 IST 2005

On Thu, Oct 20, 2005 at 07:19:29PM +0300, Svetlana Atanasova wrote:
> Oops. You are absolutely right about adding interfaces to multicast groups.
> I'm misled because the only strange messages I saw in the ospfd logs was 
> about exceeding
> the allowed number of multicast interfaces. The system is Slackware 
> 10.2, but now I
> can't perform any tests. I'm running zebra again because after working 
> with this errors
> ospf crashes with out of memory.

Well, I'm not sure what the problem is, but I think we would need more
information to understand what is happening.  A good start is usually
to post your zebra.conf & ospfd.conf files, plus the output from
"/sbin/ip addr ls" plus "show interface" and "show ip ospf interface".


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