[quagga-users 5717] Keeping static routes via temporarily unreachable gateways

Christian Ehrhardt quagga at c--e.de
Mon Oct 24 19:34:17 IST 2005


I'm using quagga/zebra on a linux host that (among other things) is
the end point for a lot of point-to-point interfaces (dialup, tunnels, etc.)
All of the end points of these point-to-point interfaces have
static ip-addresses and some also have complete networks routed via
the point-to-point interface.

The latter routes are a problem:
* I can run a skript that adds the necessary routes whenever a point-to-point
  interface comes up. But I'm trying to avoid this.
* If I add a static route in zebra e.g.
       ip route 
  where is the remote end of the point-to-point interface
  this works for the first time the interface comes up.
* If the interface goes down, the route is deleted (probably by the kernel).
* If the interface comes up again this route is _not_ added to the kernel
  routing table (even though the static routes are visible in zebra) => bad!

What I'd like to do (with quagga preverably) is to make sure that the
info should be routed via is kept in the
kernel routing table even if is no longer reachable. Or at
the very least this route should be re-added once the address becomes
reachable again.

Is this possible or am I stuck with interface-up skripts?

    regards   Christian

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