[quagga-users 5719] Docs on OSPF config options and examples

Dirk H. Schulz dirk.schulz at kinzesberg.de
Mon Oct 24 20:46:02 IST 2005

Hi folks,

I am digging deeping into OSPF to setup a certain routing environment. I 
have read John T. Moy and I think I understand in general how OSPF is 

Now I would need some documentation on the config options for OPSF, but 
it is very hard to find anything detailed. I have read the docs on 
quagga.net, of course, but something with examples would come in very 

So there is two questions:

Does it make sense to read Cisco's books on OSPF if I want to use quagga 
to set up the routers? Or is there much of a difference in implementation?

Where can I find examples of OSPF setups? I have googled for days but 
came up with nearly nothing.

Any hint or help is appreciated.


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