[quagga-users 5726] Re: Can this be done with quagga?

Brandon Penglase da5id2001 at SpaceServices.net
Tue Oct 25 20:15:47 IST 2005

I believe this can be done, but depends on your lan gateway. If the gateway can accept rip, ospf, or the like, then you can have it accept the route from the VPN box. The VPN box won't have a route directly to that IP, however, it could go through the LAN gateway, then back to each it. But with the gateway having the route, then all the boxes will go through the gateway, then the vpn box, then out. 

    Help this helps,
      Brandon Penglase

P.S. Someone might know a better way to do it...

Lindsay Haisley wrote ..
> I'm familiar with IP routing, but not with RIP or quagga, and would like
> to
> do a simple job that requires advertising a point to point route on a
> private LAN.  
> Here's my situation.  I have an in-house LAN consisting of several Linux
> boxes and several Windows boxes running a variety of versions of Windows.
> The LAN uses an RFC1918 address space (  I have a VPN tunnel
> set up from one of the boxes on the LAN using racoon.  For reasons I won't
> go into, this tunnel terminus is not the LAN gateway box, nor can it be.
> The tunnel terminus on the LAN has an IP address of, and the
> public IP address to which the VPN connects has and address of
>  This works OK, but unlike earlier VPN configurations using
> FreeS/WAN, there is no interface or routing table entry for the VPN tunnel
> on, and if one tries to put one there, the tunnel breaks.
> So all boxes on the LAN _except the box hosting the VPN terminus_ must
> have
> a route something like:
> Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use
> Iface
> UGH   0      0        0
> eth0
> I can set this route manually, or by using Windows "persistent routing",
> on
> each of the boxes on the LAN, but the boxes running newer versions of
> Windows (XP, maybe earlier) can supposedly be configured to read RIPv1
> traffic and configure their routing tables accordingly.
> How can I configure quagga (zebra.conf, ripd.conf) on so that
> this route is advertised on the LAN using RIPv1, but this route is _not_
> put
> in the routing table on
> (or is this impossible?)
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