[quagga-users 5766] New kernel tcp/ip fixes

George B. georgeb at gmail.com
Sat Oct 29 22:01:12 IST 2005

Just a note that linux 2.6.14 is out with an important fix to tcp/ip that
has been in existance since 2.4.18
 A bug in the kernel was responsible for the printing of the "treason
uncloaked" messages those of us running Linux may have been seeing in our
log files. It can also result in hung tcp/ip connections under certain
circumstances. I wanted to pass along the information to people involved in
networking. The information is buried in the in the changelog for 2.6.14 and
if you are not following the kernel development lists you might have missed
it. I am not saying for everyone to run out and install 2.6.14, but you
might want to have a look and possibly apply that one particular patch to
earlier kernels it you think you might be having a problem.
 George Bonser
Senior Network Architect
Unnamed Corp.
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