[quagga-users 5494] Re: Performance problems on Quagga router

MonkeyBrains crapsh at MonkeyBrains.NET
Mon Sep 26 10:47:28 IST 2005

Marcel Loesberg wrote:

> Hi,
> We have the following setup:
> AMD Athlon 2400+
> 1GB RAM (pc2700)
> 1 x 10/100 Via nic (not used)
> 1 x 10/100 3Com nic (temp. not used)
> 1 x quad port Intel 10/100 nic (all ports used atm.)
> FreeBSD 5.4-STABLE
> Quagga 0.98.5

I don't have much experience with the quad port Intel cards, but the 
rest of the machine is plenty fast enough for 32Mbps.
I have  a Athlon K7 (no idea what speed, but under 1Ghz) and 512Mb RAM 
routing 45Mbs to two different upstreams.

Can you try moving the problem to the 3Com link and testing?


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