[quagga-users 6699] Re: quagga help

Ralf Guenthner r.guenthner at iq-work.de
Mon Apr 3 12:33:46 IST 2006


Do it with an entry in zebra.conf, like this:

ip route

and then have

redistribute static

in ospfd.conf.

And after that fill out an application for a course in English grammar
and spelling ;-)

Ralf G.

´ÞÌηæ wrote:
>   hello
>   I add an statci route rule!
> but I can`t see teh rule in other route table changed. why!
> (e.g)ip route via dev eth0
> or route add dev eth0
> the route rule only see the localhost machine route tables,but other ospf route (it neigher)
> can not see the now rule,I suspicion the now addtion rule not broadcast.but i dont know why!
> if ospf can boradcast static rule,how can i do?
> if anyone know how-to.please help me!many thanks!
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