[quagga-users 6735] Re: md5qd (fwd)

Chris Caputo ccaputo at alt.net
Tue Apr 11 21:52:23 IST 2006

On Tue, 11 Apr 2006, Paul Jakma wrote:
> On Tue, 11 Apr 2006, Chris Caputo wrote:
> > By the way, can someone test remotely initiated clearing a session on 0.99.3
> > when there are no routes presently received?  I am seeing bgpd get stuck in
> > "Idle (Clrng)" when this happens and would like to confirm this.
> >
> > The following patch fixes this for me.  It makes it so that state isn't
> > changed to "Idle (Clrng)" unless the clearing work item is queued.  Might be
> > something to consider.
> Urg, doh. Thanks. Could also keep as is, but add:
> if (!rn)
>   <unset flag, unlock peer>
> after the table walk instead (avoid the test in the loop).

I don't think that would be safe.  When I monitored calls to the function 
via gdb I saw it get called multiple times.  Unless that in of itself is a 
bug, "if (!rn)" won't work because one call could add to the work queue 
while another may not, and we wouldn't want the state to be reverted in 
that case.


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