[quagga-users 6756] Re: Quagga over CARP Interface

Arnold Nipper arnold at nipper.de
Fri Apr 14 00:35:05 IST 2006

On 13.04.2006 20:30 john smith wrote

>>From outside there is no A or B. It simply looks like *one* box,
> Yes but the nexthop will still have to change somewhere :) ??? be it up in 
> the CPU or down on the line card! Even if it is one big box if I have 2 
> wires and I want to send something out via wire A and then shift to outgoing 
> via wire B (unless I was using both in the 1st place), I would need to make 
> a change in my forwarding table, would i not?

Remember ... when dealing with CARP/VRRP it's the *same* wire,


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