[quagga-users 6811] Strange behavior of bgp remove-private-as

John Smith jsmith4112003 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Apr 28 15:02:12 IST 2006

It seems Quagga removes private AS numbers only if these are the only ASes present in the AS_PATH. Isnt this wrong?
This is like saying that remove-private-as will only work if a route has originated inside a private AS. I can describe a scenario when this will not hold true, and yet i would want to remove the private AS.
Lets say the toplogy is like this.
A -- B -- C
AS B provides transit services to A and C. B is so big, that it is internally split into AS 100 and AS X, where X is some private ASN.
Now A's route would by default be advertised to C with AS_PATH {X 100 A}.
I dont want this to happen, and i dont want C to see X. I would want to implement private AS strip so that i can advertise only {X A} to C.
But Quagga wont let me do this. Why?

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