[quagga-users 7059] Bgpd unable to shutdown neighbor?

Tommy Eriksen te at rackhosting.com
Thu Jun 8 17:10:44 IST 2006


I'm having a bit of a weird problem with Quagga 0.99.4 (from ports) on

#sh ru
router bgp 31590
 neighbor remote-as 34165
 neighbor shutdown
 neighbor soft-reconfiguration inbound

# sh ip bgp sum
Neighbor        V    AS MsgRcvd MsgSent   TblVer  InQ OutQ Up/Down
State/PfxRcd  4 34165   69180   31906        0    0    0 00:02:19

# sh version
Quagga 0.99.4 ().

When I shutdown a neighbor, it stays down for a minute or so, and then
reopens the connection.
I tried with 2 different peers, same problem. Is this a known bug?

By the way, if the FreeBSD ports maintainer is on this list, is there
any reason that the ports-version isn't a "stable" one?

Tommy Eriksen

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