[quagga-users 7499] Re: Fail-over configuration for quagga routers?

Bart Van Kerckhove - mobile bart at it-ss.be
Mon Sep 4 15:02:27 IST 2006

> Hi
> I'm new to the list so let me introduce myself:
> My name is Sebastian and I am running a yet small but growing ISP
> company in germany.
> Until now I never had need to think about routing, but this is coming now.
Welcome ;>
> The only possibility seemed to be spending thousands of Euro for
> 'original' big hardware routers when a friend of mine pointed me to the
> quagga website.
> I am quite thrilled about the possibilities quagga offers, but there is
> (at the moment) one question I can't find an answer for:
> I'd like to set up (at least) two routers for my network to gain
> redundancy at this point. Cisco provides the HRSP (Hot Router Standby
> Protocol), is there anything similar possible with Quagga?
> How, if I may ask that way, did you solve this single point of
> failure-problem?
You might join me in poking Paul to implement vrrp in the quagga suite ;)

Other options might indeed be carp/ucarp/vrrpd/keepalived;
or you might consider using L3 switches and combine those with your quagga 
That way you could use quagga for bgp, and build an ospf mesh with your 
quagga boxes and the layer3 switches.
Next, use the layer3 switches' HRSP functionality, and go for layer3 
redundancy (which ospf gives you) at anything in your core.
You might think of those switches as your 'core'switches. They will cost a 
few euro's, but tons less than the routing boxes from any vendor.

Just my EUR 0.05  (21%VAT ex.)


-Bart Van Kerckhove

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