[quagga-users 7515] Wireless group ospf problem

Collins, Richard (Com US) rich.collins at siemens.com
Mon Sep 11 10:00:55 IST 2006

You might want to set the interface type to
be non-broadcast. This is cumbersome with a big
mesh.     Then you have to add the
appropriate neighbors at the end of every spoke.
Make sure that the timers all match.

interface ath1
  ip ospf network non-broadcast

router ospf
  neighbor x.x.x.x

>Example of ospf config :
>ostname UPC1
>password XXXX
>enable password XXXX
>interface ath1
>  ip ospf retransmit-interval 10
>  ip ospf dead-interval 120
>  ip ospf hello-interval 30
>router ospf
>  ospf router-id

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