[quagga-users 8787] quagga installation

gotebbis at virgilio.it gotebbis at virgilio.it
Fri Aug 10 08:06:50 IST 2007

my name is Stix, I have just register in your maillist.
I have 
question about quagga.
I use Cent OS. it runs over VMware. I would like 
to use quagga in this operating system. I download the version "quaggua-
0.98.6" released. 
I have followed all the instraction but I'm not able 
to start the daemons.
After installation the executable files are 
placed in usr/local/sbin and
the configuration files in usr/local/etc.

for example zebra.conf is placed in usr/local/etc. is this the right 
place for this file ?
Therefore /etc/rc.d/init.d/zebra start doesn't 
work because there is not
zebra executable file in that folder.
can you 
help me?
which kind of mistake did I make??



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