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Steele, John jsteele at eds.com
Thu Dec 6 11:49:04 GMT 2007

Can you virtualise your BGP machines and get round you problem that way?

I am currently running 20 FreeBSD instances, each with Quagga, in one
VMWare Server host (W2K3) very successfully to represent a large network
in a development environment. The limit is not the performance of the
host but the number of VMs that can be hosted (max 25 with current
version of VMWare Server - beta version 2 I think the limit has been

John Steele
EDS Defence

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On Wed, 5 Dec 2007, Brighten Godfrey wrote:

> according to whatever topology I want to test.  I'd like to run large 
> topologies but I'm limited right now by the number of machines/IP 
> addresses. So I'd like to run perhaps 10-100 instances of bgpd on each

> machine.  The problem I'm running into seems to be that a neighbor is 
> named by IP address in the config file, not by IP+port.

Unless you want to get your hands quite dirty, you're going to need an
ID per bgpd I'm afraid. IPs are very cheap though (10/8). ;)

CVS has the ability to bind bgpd to a specific IP, making it easy to run
many bgpd instances on a machine. See also tools/multiple-bgpd.sh for a
script to launch them.

Such instances set BGP_NO_FIB though, stopping them from sending routes
to zebra. However, I gather you've hacked your own hooks into bgpd and
don't use zebra, so that probably won't bother you (except you might
need to change the location of your hooks..).

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