[quagga-users 9239] zebra hanging when ppp-interface goes down

Gerd v. Egidy lists at egidy.de
Thu Dec 20 18:38:13 GMT 2007


I have a multihome-setup with two lines going to different ISPs, one fat pipe 
as primary and a smaller backup line over adsl with ppp. BGP4-routing is done 
with quagga 0.99.9 under linux

As far as I can see everything works as it should. But just until the ppp 
connection goes down. ppp is going down once every day, this is usual for 
adsl lines operated by German Telekom.

As soon as the ppp interface is removed by pppd going down, zebra hangs and 
takes bgpd with it. No routes are announced by bgpd anymore. When you try to 
open a vtysh you get the welcome message and then you wait endless, no shell 
appears. Only killing and restarting zebra helps.

I can reproduce the problem just by executing "ifdown ppp0".

I have searched the mailinglist archive and found someone having problems with 
ppp connections back in may 2005. At that time the problem was solved by 
going to 0.99.1 or removing a patch called amir-connected-route.patch. I 
searched in my 0.99.9 and could not find the code added by this patch - so I 
think I've got a different problem.

Any ideas?

Kind regards,


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